Kamal Musale

Kamal Musale, Founder Director

Founder of Curry Western Productions, and Director of both the Swiss Indian Film Bridge and European Film Bridge (Eurindia).

The Swiss-Indian filmmaker Kamal Musalewas born and raised in Switzerland but is quite at home with the growing international aspect of cinema today, having earned a degree in film direction and scriptwriting from the prestigious National Film and Television School in England.

Selected at Cannes in 1989, The Three Soldiers, a short film, was to become a classic and already points towards the daring and sensual world the filmmaker has gone on to explore in over 30 films to date. Short and feature-length films, fiction and documentary, commercials and music videos, Kamal’s work runs the gamut and has enabled him to acquire a deep understanding of and real expertise in handling a camera, editing film, and designing sound. Thanks to his thorough mastery of the film craft, he has delved into the creative process that is at work in dance, music, mime, sculpture and painting, to drawn a form of narrative with humor and poetry. From Brazil’s traditional healers—and the wounded body—in Healers of the Unvisible Worlds (2001) to Japan’s Butoh dancers—and the liberated body—in Ai-Amour (Silver FIPA, 1995), Kamal has also brought out the mysterious or hidden sides of human beings while garnering broad enthusiasm and appreciation for his work.

On the side of his fiction and documentary work, Kamal has written concepts and directed many corporate / commercial works for major clients, notably FIFA-UEFA (World Football association), Nestlé (Food Branch) and Nespresso, Swiss Federal Affair Office, Swiss bank BCV, Henniez water, etc.